Here is a highlight of some of the data from 14k online shoppers in Pakistan.
We discuss Pakistan's first eCommerce Awards, the results from our survey of 14,000 consumers and plans for next year.
Originally posted on bSecure’s Blog While getting to 100% prepayment is a noble and in certain cases necessary goal for eCommerce Builders, COD (Cash On…
We calculate the actual cost of COD as compared to prepayment methods and make recommendations on what the industry and merchants need to accomplish to…
We examine how new startups such as Bazaar Tech and Tajir can help revolutionise the entire retail supply chain.
A talk with Telemart, Cheetay, Trax, Brandverse
We look at how Pakistan's eCommerce market size has grown from 24B to 65B in just 2 years.
The eCommerce policy framework of Pakistan was passed and approved by the cabinet in October 2019. A lot of hard work has gone into the policy from both…
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