Apps Every Website Should Install

Before you get started

You will need to figure out a name for your website (obviously) before you start making it, and then check if the domain you want is available. We recommend using which is has a very simple user interface and tells you right away if you domain is available.

Key Task: Purchase your domain

When you have purchased a domain


You will need to set up hosting for your website, unless you want to do it yourself at home. There are a whole host of options available to you ranging from 1and1 to Godaddy.


Depending on the purpose of your website you will most likely want an email address as well. You have a couple of options here. You can either use the email service provided from your hosting provider, or use your custom domain on Google Apps or Outlook. Outlook gives you upto 50 emails addresses for free, but without much administrative control, whereas Google Apps is a paid service.

DDOS Protection and CDN

With no cost-effective hosting available in Pakistan, most companies will end up hosting abroad, this drastically reduces your page load speeds. So we recommend all websites use Cloudflare as both a CDN and DDOS protection.

Webmaster Tools

All aspiring domain owners need to have their website registered with Google and Bing Webmaster tools. Webmaster tools helps you to monitor any issues that Google or Bing have while indexing your sites. Having great SEO is critical to driving relevant traffic to your site, and webmaster tools alerts you to any issues in that regard.

Email List Manager

Whatever your goal is with your website, you will want to keep your customers as close as possible. Whether you are beginning an ecommerce store or just an informational site, you want a method to keep your customers informed of news and updates. Using an email list manager like MailChimp you can keep your customers emails on record and email them whenever new developments take place.


Having Google Analytics installed in pretty much a prerequisite site for any new website. It’s a free and very comprehensive service that gives you a lot of data on your website traffic. Google Analytics should also then be used to configure various goals to help you judge the effectiveness of your site at converting customers to your desired goals.

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