eConsumer Research Survey 2021

Here is a highlight of some of the data from 14k online shoppers in Pakistan.


As part of the eCommerce Awards 2021 we conducted a detailed survey of the 90k+ thousand unique mobile numbers that voted. 14.6k of those people agreed to take part in a survey and we have some of the results from that survey below.

Why Cash on Delivery

Cash on delivery is easily the most popular payment method with 79% of consumers preferring it other methods. When those who preferred CoD were asked as to why this was the case the biggest contributing factor was Trust with it making up 49.5% of the vote (Option 2, 3 & 5), with Access to a non-cash payment method second with 33% of the total and finally knowledge on how to pay online being the last factor at 10%

Building Trust

Building trust is a key component of getting customers to move away from CoD as 63% of respondents said that they would be willing to pay online if the store they bought from delivered the first 3-5 orders perfectly.

Social media plays a major part in building trust as well with 66% of respondents saying they check social media before they purchase from a new store online.

Purchasing Behaviour

The majority of purchases online are also below rupees 10k (64%) and 83% of people place less than 10 orders online every month.

Customer Segments

The survey was sent out to 83,000+ people and just shy of 15k people filled out the survey in the first 5 days. The breakdown of the sample in terms of segments is as follows —>

Other Data