Pakistan Internet Stats from #GdayXPK

Google recently hosted its gDayX conference to bring professionals together to share knowledge and showcase how they can grow on the web. The event itself was held in Lahore on Saturday the 15th of March, and we have put together a host of the stats that were given at the event. Most stats can be found by searching the hashtag for the event #GdayXPK

Demographic — From the stats we can determine that the majority of internet users are fairly young, and given Pakistan unders 30’s make up for over half of the population the number of users will probably see very fast growth in the coming years. The online population is mainly male and they spend around 3 hours a day online.

Technology — there are just under 18 million internet users with 15 million mobile users. Given the majority are mobile users the upcoming 3/4G auctions will rapidly increase the overall internet usage online. Services and companies which have mobile apps or mobile optimised sites could take a huge lead from their competitors that fail to do so.

e-Commerce — TCS holds 24% of COD market share with 90 million PKR a month, this means that the total e-Commerce* market in Pakistan is estimated at PKR 4.5 billion a year. This looks set to grow even more with greater mobile shopping and the expected launch of online payment gateways. (*would include telephone orders as well)

Demographics / Usage

  • Highest Age Range of Pakistan’s Online is 20–24 years

  • 80% of netizens spend more than 1 hour online daily

  • On average people spend 3 hours a day online

  • 80–84% of online users are male


  • In January 2014, 17,486,177 users online (estimated)

  • 2 million broadband subscribers in Pakistan

  • Mobile device penetration is 19.78% vs. 80.24% desktop

  • 29% of searches are coming from Mobile

  • 15 million mobile internet users

  • 30–50 million will be using mobile wallets soon


  • TCS collects PKR 90 million/month in COD — claiming 24% market share

  • 2–3 online payment gateways will launch in a few months

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