Pakistani Startup Artsly Launches with $175,000 in Backing From Kima Venture

Originally Posted by the author on TechinAsia

Artsly online learning app

Sibling entrepreneurs Muhammad Huzaifa and Muhammad Jehanzaib have just launched Artsly, a video-based social learning platform providing short lessons in make-up, music, photography, food, painting and crafts from various instructors. The classes are conducted in English and aimed at a global audience.

The two brothers are backed by Kima Ventures to the tune of $175,000 and this is their second startup after iKnowl. According to Huzaifa, Artsly’s CEO, they are aiming this at female learners because they are most active on YouTube and other content channels.

In the same line of business are Lynda, Team Treehouse, and Udemy, all of which tend to target a male audience; Huzaifa believes women want to learn technical skills as well. Artsly will fill this market gap.

In the past few months, Artsly has taken on 1,400 beta-mode sign-ups from different instructors around the world, and now the startup is working with them to create fun and engaging video lessons for Artsly users. Soon the team will be releasing Android and iPhone apps to accompany the iPad app.

The iPad app is available on the App Store.