Rocket Internet Launches 2 More Startups in Pakistan

Originally Posted by TechinAsia

Rocket Internet, the German incubator with companies all over the globe, is upping its resources in Pakistan with the recent launch of two local companies, EasyTaxi Pakistan and Zamudi. It means Rocket Internet now has a total of five online ventures running in Pakistan.

Readers should be familiar with EasyTaxi, as the app has recently been making some moves — and iseven embroiled in a little controversy — in Southeast Asia. But Zamudi is probably less well known; it’s a real estate platform serving Pakistan that allows users to buy, sell, and rent their properties online.

Rocket Internet seems to be keeping the launches pretty quiet for now; EasyTaxi’s official website still doesn’t list any cities in Pakistan, and in fact doesn’t even list any Pakistan cities as “coming soon.” But the service’s official Facebook page indicates that the service is already available, though in beta, in at least Lahore and possibly other cities as well:


Zamudi’s launch seems to have been kept similarly quiet so far; I couldn’t find any news officially announcing the launch in English. But both EasyTaxi and Zamudi are listed as partner sites in the footer of Azmalo, a Rocket Internet e-commerce site in Pakistan. (Many thanks to our contributor Adam and his eagle eyes for spotting this).

Rocket Internet’s three existing startups running in Pakistan are Daraz (clothing), Azmalo (gadgets and home appliances), and the restaurant call-out service Foodpanda.

Will Pakistan’s users see eye to eye with these new services? It’s too early to tell. But the double-launch makes it even more clear that Rocket Internet is taking the Pakistan market very seriously. (Updated:Added in mention of the three existing sites).