Notes from "The Future of E-Commerce and Mobility"

A talk with Telemart, Cheetay, Trax, Brandverse

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Notes from the seminar


1) orders since end of march have continued to increase due to lockdown ~23rd March

2) seeing 8k AOV for pharmaceutical orders


1) saw a drop in shipments since 2nd week of March - due to lack of imports

2) eCommerce sales almost dropped to almost 0 until the 2nd week of April

3) 1st to 4th week of April dispatches for Trax was 5k/day, 7k/day, 9k/day, 14k/day

4) eCommerce stores were live during the lockdown, but as the lockdown ended the backlog of orders started becoming dispatched

5) Transport services are still not fully open across the country which led to supply side contraints


1) says that 25% of restaurants were open during the lockdown (asuming Lahore_

2) Today only 60% of restaurants are still open (unsure of region)

3) See's spike in online orders with prepayment,3% via cheetay wallet, 15% overall prepayment

4) Managed a delivery to covid patient for free and then minuses balance of customer's wallet if they cant pay on prepayment at the moment

5) Daily inbound queries from restaurants of 125-150 to list online

6) Want to be quick commerce company with delivery in 20 mins - as per their strategy last year - currently 25m delivery on grocery and 33 min on food

7) Restaurants are valuing takeaway customers as well, before corona they were happy to make takeaway customers wait to give priority to their dine in customers

8) Restaurant are seeing returning customers online and have come to the stage where they want to make sure they are higher on the listing pages and want to learn how to improve their rank

9) In india there is a city with a population of 50,000 with 10,000 food orders a day

Brandverse & Google

1) Lots of people have gone into online delivery in the last 1.5m - turning into a cottage industry which is damaging the industry and customers as they are not able to fulfill orders consistently

2) Speed with which existing etailers pivoted is super fast

3) you only get one chance to lose a customer, and once they are lost, they are lost

4) Google research suggest there is a hockey stick like growth right now within eCommerce in Pakistan

5) In the major metro's any customer can get what is available on the majority of websites within 15m, which means the future of commerce is NOW/Quick commerce.

6) Why are we therfore building warehouses etc, when the local retail market has everything available