Tech Week in Pakistan (Issue 11: 27th April)

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Zong Congratulates Other on 3G

Zong Wins 3G and 4G licenses

The auction on Wednesday ended at around 7pm with the PTA Chairman announcing that Zong has won both 3G and 4G licenses (10Mhz each), while Mobilink (10Mhz), Telenor (5Mhz) and Ufone (5Mhz) have won the 3G licenses. The auction raised a grand total of $1.1 billion, with $210 coming from the sale of the 4G license. Out of the 4 players, only Zong and Ufone had declared any interest in the 4G license, however, as Ufone could not secure 10Mhz of spectrum in the 3G auction, they were disqualified from bidding for the 4G license. Users across Pakistan are already experiencing 3G speeds as the networks conduct testing. Given most mobile operators are 3G ready we can expect a nationwide roll-out of 3G speeds within a month | Live Stream | Tribune | Dawn

Warid who did not participate in the auction but already owns 4G spectrum is also likely to offer 4G services to its customers | Warid 4G

The Managing Director of Kaymu Asia believes that Pakistan’s e-commerce market will grow two to three times within the first year of adoption. His belief is based on the growth seen by online retailers in India after they introduced 3G | The News

The auction also dispelled rumours that were published in Reuters last week that the auction would not raise more than $850m and that none of the operators were interested in the 4G license | Reuters

Rocket Internet and Ooredoo to Fund E-Commerce Ventures

Rocket Internet and Qatar’s Ooredoo are coming together to create Asia Internet Holdings which will be used to invest in e-commerce in 15 markets across Asia, including Pakistan. Rocket’s similar structure in Africa, where it has partnered with local mobile providers, created a $410m fund by the name of Africa Internet Holdings.

Press Release | TechCrunch | TechinAsia

Direct Debit to Launch in July


The CEO of 1Link has said that “Direct Debit” services will be available to Pakistani customers by July this year. Direct Debit is a service that enables customers to set up payment rules, for example you will be able to direct your bank to pay your utility bills on set dates each month. Already used quite extensively in countries such as the UK, Pakistan will be the 6th country to launch this service.

Business Recorder | The News | Payment Systems in Pakistan

Other News

  • Senate Committee passed a resolution recommending removal of YouTube ban | Tribune

  • PTCL and Dailymotion forge partnership as YouTube is still banned | Dawn

  • Karachi Pakathon to be held on 10th May | The AppJuice

  • Mehroz Yawar Becomes the Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional | ARY News

  • Freelancer Factory by TechHub | ScoopCircle

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