This Week in Pakistan (3rd — 9th March)

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Punjab is Pakistan’s Silicon Valley — A look at the Gaming Industry


With hit games such as Fruit Ninja being coded in Pakistan, local game developers have now moved towards creating their own games. The article and accompanying video clip showcases 3 Pakistani design studios which are being run in Punjab and coding games for foreign studios but also working on creating their own local games.

AFP | Youtube

Upcoming 3/4G Auction

The upcoming auction of 3/4G spectrum is taking an interesting turn. There has been news that Turkeys largest cell phone carrier is looking to invest in the auction and is keen on studying the potential in the market. The 5 local players though who are looking to compete in the auction have their reservations. Ricardo Tavares, the CEO of TechPolis is advising the 5 local firms on the auction, and he has showed his reservations of the auction in an open article. He believes the government is intervening to much in the telecom sector by specifying that the spectrum being auctioned can only be used for “Next Generation Mobile Services” and takes away the ability of the operators to decide how to use the spectrum to serve their customers. He also believes that by only auctioning off 3 licenses they are deliberately trying to raise the stakes so they could earn greater revenues, however he feels this may even lead to the a lack of engagement in the auction.

TurkCell | Ricardo Tavares Letter

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